creating an acoustic sound-proof room for music production and media media

i want to create a room for music, cinema and games and i got some questions.

the room will be used for:

  1. playing guitar (acoustic, bass, electric) with amps or with cubase
  2. playing electric drums
  3. playing piano
  4. music production (cubase
    10 pro)
  5. watching movies (5.1 or 7.1)
  6. playing games
  7. no bed no closet ext…

    the problem are, of course, are the neigbores. i want the room to be acoustic and sound proof. i understand its not the same treatment.

i have 2 rooms that i can choose:
highet of the rooms - 2.55 meter
A. 3.5 meter on 2.8 meter (2 windows)
B. 3.8 meter on 2.8 meter (1 window) Residential Secure Space (a room that every home has to have in Israel for protection at war). ive looked into it and its not recommended to build a music production in it and to treat a room like this will cost more. are you guys familiar with that?

Cubase 10 Pro

Electric Drums:
Yamaha DTXpress IV

Midi keyboard
M-Audio 61 keystation

about to buy a pair of Adam A7x
no i have:
Beringer Truth B2031A 8"

Audio interferce
Akai EIE Pro
will replace it in the near future

what do u guys think i should do?

Hi there.

If you need to build a soundproof room, you better dig deep in your pockets. First of all, you need to build a room in the room with floating floors and walls and roof. That way you can soundproof up to 120 dB pr. octave.

hey. how much will it cost? do you think 6000$ will do it?

To be quite frank, 6000 dollars won’t bring you far. Based on material cost, you are facing about 1000 euros pr. square meter.

If you google floating room, you will get some indications on how much work there is in it.

If you want to build it yourself, you could start with reading