Creating and moving flows

  1. If I have, say, a four flow project and decide that the contents of flow 3 need to be moved to come before flow 2, how can I make this change?

  2. Can I create a new flow anywhere other than at the end of the project? I might want to do this if I have written the first movement, slow movement and finale, and later decide to add a scherzo before the finale.


Switch to Setup mode, and click and drag the flow using the middle bottom panel. You can order them however you wish.

If you want to do some large-scale reordering of flows, it may be easier to use the File > Project Info dialog.

For a large project, this has the advantage that you don’t have to wait for each individual change to be done. Set up all the changes, hit “apply” and go and do something else for a few minutes while Dorico does its thing.

Funny! I tried that earlier and the flow didnt move. It did this time. I thought I would ask because I couldnt find anything about it in the manual. (I had searched on “move flow”)

Thanks – and for your advice Rob, also!