Creating and saving new instruments?

Is it possible to add own instruments to the selection box in setup mode?

For example: For all lead sheets I need a single treble clef stave with a piano sound (prefered with my own VST).
For sketching I need separate treble and bass clef pianos for copying music into the score. In double stave pianos the notes copied from the bass clef add a new voice into the paste-instrument so the source has to be single voice. Or sometimes using own external plugins for instruments that I would like in other songs too.

How can I save those instruments to add them to another template?

No, at the moment there is no way to create your own instrument types, though this will be possible at some point in the future. I suggest you create a suitable lead sheet template by setting up whatever staff and playback sound you want, then start future lead sheet projects by opening up this project, saving it under a new name, and deleting the existing flow.

Ok, thanks! That will do it for now… but really looking forward to a kind of user channel library. A lot of instrument ‘presets’ are growing while working in different songs. Like importing the big band drum set into the lead sheet… things like that. Good to know it will be there some day :slight_smile: