Creating and saving samples for later use

I have recorded Cajon sounds and dropped some sounds into sample tracks . I did edit the sampled sounds and am quite happy with the result. I can now play the cajon sounds via my midi keyboard. Question ;
How do I save the sampled sounds (the sound that is in the sampler track ) and rename it so thyat I can use it later. This sounds so basic but I couldn’t find any tip or suggestion on how to fix this. And in case you know the answer to this …where do I create a sample library in order to store these samples easier search in the future. My goal is to create a drum kit in Groove agent with personalised samples , and I did see some you tube videos explainig this but they always start from existing samples …

They are in your project Audio folder and you can find them by opening the Audio Pool window.
You can also save your Sample Track as a Track Preset.

…or import the track using:

Thanks for the replies… But the samples that are created and ready to be played in the sample track do not appear in the Pool. Only if we play the samples, the result would appear as a recorded track and maybe be shown in the media pool.
I want to save the single sound sample that I created, name it and be able to use it in Groove agent…

Ideally, you want to name your samples before importing them into the Sampler Track or Groove Agent. They get a bit annoying to rename later.

First enable the Info Line:

Then you can name any files recorded with Cubase:

I would also recommend you to Export the files to a single folder, so you can easily access these samples later.

If you load the Sampler Track presets you made, the base samples will appear in the “Sampler Track” folder in the Pool. You can drag and drop them into your project and use Audio > Bounce Section or Edit > Render in Place to make a new version that can be renamed, but you’ll have to start from scratch with your Sampler Track/GA edits.

Another option would be to right click your file in the pool and select “Show in Explorer”. You can then close Cubase, make a copy of the files and rename the copies.