Creating Chord Pad Patterns

I can’t seem to wrap my head around creating custom patterns that work with the Chord Pad Pattern playing feature. My goal is to create generic patterns that can work with any chord progression I come up with. Thanks for any help…

What seems to be the trouble? You just go to settings in the Chord Pad player, select Pattern, drag your MIDI event of choice to the MIDI import part and that’s it. I think it’s a great feature and not something any other DAW has as far as I know.

Or you can import a MIDI Loop, which if you don’t know is like a loop which has MIDI data, an associated instrument, track settings and some other stuff in it (the extension is .midiloop, and it’s a Steinberg only thing). Best look them up in the manual to learn more about them if you are interested and don’t know about them already). They can be cool if you have something which doesn’t fit the project you are working on but is cool so you want to save it for easy import to another project.