Creating click track from live recording

Hi Folks,

Trying to get some thoughts to create a click track from a live recording.

I have the whole band recorded live on 12 tracks. The drums are recorded both as an audio (one track all drums) as well as a midi track.

I’m wondering the best way to create a click track. There was no tempo setup on the original recording so its set at the default of 120.


Lets do the time warp again…

Look up the time warp function (not to be confused with time stretch)

Hmm - Looked at that function but couldn’t figure it out. Did also look in the help section but nothing came up.

I’m wondering… when I change the tempo track the audio stays fine, its my MIDI drum track that seems to get messed up. (stretched because I am going form 120bpm to 72 bpm)

I tried exportin git and bring it back into a new song with the tempo track set at 72 and it still came in messed up.

Then try reading instead of looking - preferably in the manual…
Or try “merge tempo from tapping”. Problem, is just, they are both explained on the same page in the Cubase 5 (Though I don´t really know if that´s the software you´re using) manual, so you might not find that either…

Because your MIDI track is obviously in musical timebase

Seems you haven´t checked the MIDI import option to ignore the Mastertrack on import.