Creating crotchets in 6/8

How can I get three crotchets in 6/8 instead of crotchet, two tied quavers, crotchet.


Use Force Duration.

I have tried all that but keep getting the above in post 1

Turn Force Duration on before you enter the second crotchet.

Thanks, tried it but still the same.

Please try it again, because it’s a basic feature of the software and it certainly works correctly. For example:

  1. Show the caret at the start of a 6/8 bar.
  2. Hit 6 to choose the crotchet duration.
  3. Hit O to enable Force Duration. Check that the “g clamp” icon in the toolbox at the left-hand side of the screen is active.
  4. Type G, G, G to input 3 Gs.

Thanks to you both, got it!

Depending on how often you want to do this in this project, you can also use time signatures to control note grouping - for instance, you could input a 3/4 time signature for the bars where you want notes to be grouped/beamed as 3 crotchets, then hide the time signature. You can select the signposts for hidden time signatures and Alt-click them at the start of every bar where you want that grouping. (If you wanted to go back to 6/8 grouping in the next bar, re-input a 6/8 time signature at the start of the next bar and hide that too.)