Creating Cubase Patch Scripts


I recently purchased PSR-A3000 and desperately need to have a cubase Patch Script for it. Unfortunately, there is none and Yamaha is not willing to create one for it. They told me in their email response to ask this forum for help. I hope someone here can help me out. I really appreciate it.

In my first attempt, I added PSR-S970 and did some tweak to get it work. In fact, it works for many voice presets except a few. I was wondering if anyone could help me to fix this:

The name of the voice is S.Art! Vibes&JazzGuitar it is in the Percussion folder. I updated the PC# from 11 to 12 ( based on the published Data List manual by Yamaha for my PSR-A3000). However, the cubase track is unable to trigger S.Art! Vibes&JazzGuitar in my PSR-3000.

I tried to explore the settings inside PSR-970 in MIDI Device manager. When I open the Patch Banks of each preset (voice), it contains two rows one is Bank select 14 Bit and Program Change. do I need to have these information to correctly map the patch. If I can fix this for this single voice, then I can fix all of them!

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Yes, this is the place, where to set it up. I would probably recommend you to use Bank Select MSB and Bank Select LSB instead of 14 bit Bank Select. In the Operation Manual it is written as MSB and LSB, so it is easier.

There is a collection of Yamaha scripts here, perhaps you could use a similar script as a starting point. In addition, there is the (very) old ScriptMaker which was quite useful but has never been updated.

Hi chikitin.

You can create a patch script file yourself. It’s not difficult, just time consuming.

They are simple txt files containing patch names and corresponding midi messages needed to recall a patch. I did one myself for my DGX 650 keyboard. The header needs to have a certain structure so Cubase can recognise it, but the rest is really just patchnames and their PC,MSB,LSB. Those txt files need to be placed in your user data folder. On Windows it’s: “C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Cubase 9_64\Scripts\Patchnames\inactive”

Don’t know the path for Mac, but you should be able to google it.

If you find that the PSR970 patch script works for you and you only need to change a few voices, find the script file (not in Cubase but in your sytem file browser), make a copy of it and edit that.
It’s much easier to edit it this way than trying to do it from within Cubase.
The [device name] is what will appear in Cubase midi device manager.

The numbers are Program Change(minus one, because Yamaha is using 1-128, while Cubase expects 0-127),MSB,LSB.
DGX (4.75 KB)

Thank you so much for sharing the file and your knowledge with me. I just learned that from another forum. I assume you work with PSR keyboard and cubase like me, which is great.

I’ve made them for all my external hardware. They’re pretty easy to write, but it’s time consuming. If you can get a text file with the patch names, you’re half way there. There is somewhat limited documentation in %AppData%\Roaming\Steinberg\Cubase_9_64\Scripts\Patchnames.
If you need files for Roland FantomX, Eventide Eclipse, TC Electronic D-Two, or Lexicon MPX 550, let me know.

Hey Tom-

Saw your helpful comment about Cubase expecting Program Change 0-127. I’m in the process of creating a device for the Roland System-8. But, I have a giant hurdle, my patch lists won’t work. Its crazy, I have no problem changing patches in Logic, Reaper, but so far I got jack in Cubase…no response. Any insight would be helpful. According to the Roland spec sheet, MSB 85, LSB 0 (This is for internal, at 1 for each bank), PC.


Update: I’ve been banging my head for a week, and it might be a bug. My Mac would not see the patch file generated from ScriptMaker. But the same file on the PC is recognized. I then exported the XML on the PC side and imported it into the Mac, and it worked great.

Hi Tom H,

I’m new here after purchasing 9 Pro. May I please request a copy of your Eclipse script? Thank you.

Here you go:

Yea I had that program on my laptop,I need to find it again,I had all the patches for my external effects units ,now I have more I need to program …and I had the panels set up for some units ,that can have program changes in them ,but I used them for editing reverb depths and chorus rates and other midi cc parameters…was really cool

nowadays you can just copy patch lists from PDF manuals, really beats all the manual typing as per old days.

But what’s that program called? The program that makes the patch scripts for midi?

Scriptmaker it’s on the Steinberg ftp

Dear All did you manage to get YAMAHA PSR-A3000 cubase Patch Script as I am desperate for it too and I cant find any where.

Hi folks.
I’m also new after a recent 9.5 Pro purchase and would love a patch script for a D-Two, if still available?
Many thanks

Ok, where is that FTP?

Tom this is awesome! Thanks a lot!

Hello I have a great video explaining how to make a patchname script for cubase.
Check it and if you need help let me know.
Im curently making the Korg PA-300 script.
See you :slight_smile: