creating cue for tape sound


I would like to write cues based on a rhythm that will be heard on tape, but not fully scored, thus without a part.

If I understand correctly, to be able to create a cue, the ‘player’ of the sound has to be in the project, and that music has to be in their part. Is there any way round this?


  1. Add a player to the project.
  2. Give it an instrument.
  3. Rename the instrument “Tape”.
  4. Put music on its stave, either in the part layout or in the score layout.
  5. In Setup mode, select the Tape player and untick it from the Full Score.
  6. Use the Cue functionality.

If you’ve already done a load of layout work on the score, ensure that you untick the Empty player from the score layout before you give it an instrument.