Creating cues

For some reason I am not getting any results creating cues for an instrument in other parts. I create the cue popover using shift-U after selecting where the cue will be. Then I start typing the instrument name. When I see it and select it, the cue is supposed to display in the spot I chose, but nothing happens.

In Layout Options–Players, you need to make sure cues are turned on for that part layout. By default, they aren’t.

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No, that’s not quite right, Dan. Cues are set to display in part layouts by default, but not in full score layouts. In the full score, you should see a signpost for the cue by default.


Argh, of course. Sorry to the OP.

I am making progress, as you see, but my issue now is that in the second measure showing the bari cue, the rests are included and I do not want them showing. I tried to include the cue only to the first beat of the second measure. I tried to use the handle to drag the cue just to that first beat of the second measure, but the entire measure with the rests displayed. So I tried to highlight the rests with the intention of hiding them, but that was of no avail. What should be the next step to get the desired result?

In the properties panel (bottom, cmd-8) there is a setting ‘hide rests around cue’.

Don’t see it. What am I missing?

You need to select the cue itself in order to see the cue’s properties. Right now you’ve selected an assortment of real notes and rests, plus a dynamic and a couple of slurs, so the properties panel doesn’t know whether to show the Notes and Rests properties, Dynamic properties or Slur properties (so shows none of them).

Fantastic! Thank you. I selected the measure with the rests, not the cue itself. The learning curve continues.

While I have the attention of those in the know, here is something else I have struggled with. I would like the highlighted tied eighth notes to display as a quarter note. In another piece I am working on, I tried to make a tie more friendly to the eye. I beamed two groups of notes separately to get the desired result to then tie the last note of the first group to the first note of the second group. The result was a greater note value applied to the first group. I like to, when possible, display a beamed group in its entirety of the beat it is associated with. Hopefully, I have explained these two situations well.

This is the classic Dorico force duration. Select the tied notes, press u (to cut the tie), o (to force duration) and 6 (crotchet/quarter note).

To beam per beat you might try entering the time signature as shift-m [1+1+1+1+1]/4 (it will still display as 5/4 because of the s). It is important to experiment to see what works best for you.

Thank you!