Creating custom cues?

At times I’d like to create custom cues (4 note horn chords, Trp 1,2 thirds, etc.). I see how to input the notes, change the scale, add the instrument names in text, but I’m not sure how to get the full size whole rests to show in a second voice voice. Any tips?

Put the cues in the second voice? The rest should remain in the first voice at the correct size (not a computer so can’t test).

I need to create full size rests in another voice, because I’m creating these cues from scratch, not using the cue function in the Write menu.

In cases like this I just create a dummy player that contains exactly the cue-able material I want, cue from that, rename the cue & hide this player from all layouts. You do of course break the live-updating correspondence between cues and the material they reference, but that would also happen if you inputted them as scaled-down “real” notes.

Invoke the caret and make sure the second voice in on, shift-b, rest enter.

I understood. I meant put your custom cue notes in a voice other than the main voice. If you put them in a downstem voice you will preserve the rest in the main voice (I see that it doesn’t work with a new upstem voice). The stems of the cue notes can simply be flipped using F if necessary and the rest can be positioned as you wish using the “Rest Position” property in Engrave mode. Small project attached to demonstrate. Does this not meet your needs?

cue test.dorico (386.1 KB)