Creating custom page numbers

I’m trying this for the first time.
I have some parts where I’ll need a page bis, so:
2 3
4 5
6 7 7 bis
8 9

It seems that if I create a new Master page (called “Pages bis”) based on “Default” any changes I make to “Pages bis” also affect “Default”. Is this normal behavior? I don’t find that stated anywhere in the manual.

I’m thinking I need this new master page, with the same frames as the default, without page numbers, but with a text frame in the place of the page number text frame.

Is there another, better way to do this?

Many thanks

Insert a page number change. You can control the exact appearance of that page in the dialog box.

Thanks Dan,

How would I get the page number to read “7 bis”, and for it to be on the right ?

For “7 bis,” set it to display 7 using a page number change, then override the master page to add the “bis.” You’ll probably need to change the page after it as well.

To change its orientation, add a new master page to the set, and make it blank (and don’t base it on anything, just custom and blank). Then insert a master page change at the place you want the blank page, for that page only.

I created a new master page for this which seems to work, but the following pages have even pages on the right instead of left !

You also need to insert a page number change to get the numbers back on track. Sorry, not trying to be cryptic.

Here’s, hopefully this helps. See attached.

I actually just added a blank page after page 7, which created an override on that page… no problem. Then at page 9, I inserted a page number change to make it page 7, and added “bis” in the header so it displays correctly.
page number (477 KB)

Dan, Thanks for sending that over. Yeah two page number changes, and override, and an empty page, can make it happer. In my case I have page numbers on the top outside margins, so the left right thing comes into play.

It is doable, so that’s the main thing !

Many thanks!