Creating Custom Panels

Not sure if this is possible some way already;
The automation panel, studio panel etc provide a way to condense functions is a useful way. Studio panel more so because its strip oriented. Is there a way (without going to touch osc and all the complexities) to simply make a custom panel for Cubase functions (not instruments etc)?
I use a touch screen and simple things like mixer configs would go well on a small panel on my lower third etc



You can trigger any Cubase function from MIDI by using Generic Remote Device. So if you make any custom panel by using any app sending MIDI messages, you can do so.

It thought there might have been an onboard solution…like a device editor etc but that seemed to be a bit convoluted for fairly basic stuff.

Generic remote has been getting a serious workout
A spreadsheet resource with the correct reference entries would be nice. :slight_smile:
There is one online but it has spelling mistakes…