Creating Cycle-Markers with TC

Is there a way to create a cycle-marker with typing the TC-position and endpoint right away?

I searched for it in the Manual and in the keyboard-shortcuts, do i miss something here?

Thanx in advance!!


See if this will work for you.

Create a key command that triggers “Insert Cycle Marker”.

Bring up your marker window. Use your new key command. You’ll see a cycle marker pop up in the marker window. It will be set to wherever your locators currently are in the project, but you can manually type in the in and out point directly into the marker window.

Hopefully I explained that correctly.


Darren “Marker? I barely even know her!” Ingram

I think Darren is on the path to at least one solution.

I personally use key command “input position” which brings up a little box where you can type in a time code, after which the playback head locates to that position. Then I have commands for setting in/out locators, and finally one for “insert and name cycle marker” which will open up the marker window with the text field focused so you can name it, and the in/out points now are equal to your locators.

On the other hand, if you are reading this from some sort of script for the purpose of prepping for ADR, could you perhaps import CSV files instead? I haven’t done this, so honestly don’t know, but it seems you should be able to extract TC in/out points from a properly formatted CSV file and turn that into markers…

This way I got at least 3 key commands to call. I was hoping to got it with one. (create cycle-marker, with the TC-field opened)

Importing CSV is pefect and I do that, but while in a session I need to edit, or even set up new takes on the fly, when the director or artist asks for. I am working on programming a xkey-kexboard

Perfect would be a command like “SET-IN” and “SET-OUT” for selected cycle markers to edit an existing take. And one for “Create new Cycle marker” which would open a dialog to type in the TC in- and out- position.

Thx, Fredi

Thanx, Ingram. I found this also in the Manual. What I wondered is that if I edit the In-point it does move the whole marker, not change only the In-point. Practically I need to edit the marker while in a recording-session. And this is not suitable with the mouse as I need precise frames to edit… Does anybody know a trick for that?

Thanx, Fredi

Well, for typing in new cycle markers I’m not really sure how much time you’d save really. You can park on the exact frame and do as was suggested and that won’t be too far off from what you’d have to do regardless. I mean, I don’t see how you can make it any shorter is what I’m saying. You’ll need to ascertain the in/out timecodes anyway, so the easiest way (?) is to jog/shuttle to the desired frames. While you’re there hitting a key to set the locator doesn’t take long. And then a command to create and name marker.

For editing an existing cycle marker’s in/out TC I’m again not sure how that would work. The only thing I can think of is to edit the existing marker as if it were a region. So you select your marker and use key commands or peripherals to edit the start/end point of the cycle marker on the timeline, and the i/o TC will follow in the marker window.

How about Transport>set left locator and Transport>set right locator? Some creative use of these key commands along with Transport>locate selection allows me to adjust ADR cues on the fly without typing in time code position. john.