Creating Dorico videos

We know that this would be a useful feature, but at the present time nevertheless we have no current plans.

I would just use (as Daniel suggested) QuickTime Player. Open it, close the initial window that pops up, then do a Screen Recording and click on the screen where you want to record, and it will capture everything including system sound. Click the upper right record icon to stop.

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I was wondering what software Anthony uses. I’m amazed at the resolution he gets with close-ups, my videos look a little blurry when I magnify the screen, maybe it’s because I record on ScreenFlow 7 and then transfer it to ScreenFlow 9 (because of audio recording issues).

Apart from that, it’s great to be part of the Dorico community. For many years I hung around the Sibelius forum, but disappeared when you guys left, so it’s nice to see some familiar faces again!

Anthony uses Screenflow. I think the important thing is to not change the resolution throughout the process. Scaling up or down will result in blurriness.

Exactly, that’s why I was so surprised when I saw Anthony’s videos, whenever they scale up, they look very crisp.

I took screenshots and did a comparison, and you can clearly see how mine is not as sharp as Anthony’s (the one on the left), and they’re both amplified to a very similar size. I’ve been meaning to ask at the ScreenFlow forum, just to see if they have any guesses…although I am screencasting on a 2012 Macbook, so that might have something to do with it.

Perhaps we should ask Anthony to do a video on making the videos.
(Not being facetious here.)

Victor, do you have a Retina Display? That’s almost certainly accounts for the difference.

Ahh… No I don’t, Daniel. I thought that something like that might be the case.

Thanks for your reply!

I actually learned a few things on how to edit just from watching his tutorials. Zoom times, lower thirds, fonts used, etc.

Also, the guy has a great voice for narrations!


I just read this thread and would like to add that it would indeed be a dream come true for many Dorico fans like me. :innocent: Please? :heart_eyes: This being said, I know and appreciate that you guys are working like crazy on a bazillion other features constantly so no reproach whatsoever.