Creating Drum Pattern with sounds from Yamaha PSR-3000

I’m a beginner (and more of a musician than a tech person) and not even sure how to phrase my question, but I want to use a drum kit from my Yamaha PSR-3000. I like how I can create original from scratch drum loops on the PSR-3000 keyboard, and want to do the same thing in Cubase Elements 8, and have pulled my hair out trying to figure out how to do ‘from scratch’ drum beats in Cubase. I have a project where I’ve already recorded acoustic guitar, vocals, and set the tempo, and I’m trying to add drums after the fact. I tried recording the audio from the drum sounds from my Yamaha in a loop, but my timing is slightly off and I can’t figure out how to Quantize it properly. Should I try to Quantize the Audio that I play from the Yamaha, or is there a way to get those midi drum sounds (or the drumkit) off the Yamaha into Cubase, where it could be more easily Quantized?

By the way, I’ve experimented a little with drum sounds in Groove Agent SE, but I don’t like any of the snares. I still want to use sounds from the studio kit 1 from the Yamaha PSR-3000.

Please report your computer and CB software specs… it would help. :wink:

So it sounds like you have successfully connected your PSR3000 to the computer and CB has recognized it. If this is not right please check the PSR 3000 operation manual (page 194) for instructions for how to connect it using a midi to USB cable. If you have a PC (not Mac) you have to make sure to connect the keyboard to the PC, turn on the keyboard, then start Cubase (on a PC if you start Cubase first, it will not recognize it). Read that manual carefully. Most PSRs (and other keyboards) have a “Local On or Off” function that must be set. When set to “On” Cubase will use the midi data and tones (sounds) from your keyboard. When set to “Off” Cubase will record the midi data but you have to chose a VST instrument and sound that is loaded in Cubase.

In your project set up a midi or instrument track (I suggest using an “Instrument” track but that would be your choice). Set the input to " All midi inputs" or better yet choose the one listed that would be specifically for your PSR keyboard (if listed). Make sure to enable the track “record enable” and “monitor” functions.

Hopefully (with your PSR set to local “On”) you will hear your keyboard sounds. If not please report back with as much detail as possible.

Regards :sunglasses:

Thanks for the reply! I’m using Windows 10 on a Lenovo Thinkpad and a Steinberg UR44 usb interface. My Yamaha PSR-3000 is hooked via Midi In in the back of the UR44. I found a menu on the keyboard under Midi settings in which Local Control is set to ‘on’ with a ‘check mark’ for the right and left parts, style, song, … everything. When I create an instrument track like you explained above, and select my drumkit (voice) on my PSR-3000, and I have monitor turned on for the track, I see the audio activity bar moving on the transport panel as I press keys on the keyboard, but I hear nothing.

And I’m using Cubase Elements 8.0.40

You could consider sampling each of the psr’s drums, import them into GAse and program your beats in cubase.
A little long winded? Initially yes but in the mid to long term it will introduce you to some useful concepts and functions along the way.
Many people struggle initially to move across from hardware to the software environment, from what i’ve seen personally in RL situations it seems to be mainly down to them expecting cubase or other software to work in the same way their hardware does and they get frustrated very quickly… The GAse concept IS very simple and straight forwards once the user can accept that.
GAse is a nice introduction to software based drum programming, it’s not overly complex, has a fairly limited number of features (as many people complain about) and so there aren’t too many fine details to get bogged down in.
Persevere with it and you’ll be glad you did, we all have our favourite drums sounds for sure but things can get very boring if we use the same ones over and over, once you ‘make the jump’ you’ll have quite literally a potentially unlimited source of drum sounds at your disposal.
There are plenty of videos on youtube and there’s always this place too :wink:

I wonder if there’s a kit somewhere in Cubase Elements (though I haven’t found it yet and I thought I sampled everything in GrooveAgent SE) that has these same Yamaha sounds as the Studio Kit 1 on the PSR3000, the snare and percussion sounds (maracas, shakers…) are want I really want…

After watching a short video on youtube:

The drum sounds in your the PSR 3000 are very common in cubase… You might want to try Halion sonic also… Check/activate the filter located at the bottom left of the browser to quickly find the drum kits…

Load beat designer midi insert located in the inspector to create your patterns…