Creating exercise sheet

How to create exercise sheet, where each stave is present 1 short exercise independant from previous one: so it starts with different key signature and metering. without connection with previouse ones.
I tryed to put an ending barline, but for the next stave the metering and key signature doubles the signs in the previouse bar.

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The simple solution is to use Codas. There are a number of threads on this topic.

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This is exactly what flows are made for: add a separate flow in Setup mode for each exercise, which allows them to be completely independent of each other in terms of which players they use (for example, if one exercise needs a 2-staff piano but another needs guitar with tablature), their beam grouping settings, etc.

You can set different barlines at the end of each flow, for example if you want them all to end with a single barline instead of a final barline, or indeed no barline at all.

Keeping your exercises as separate flows means you can show automatic flow headings above each one.


As long as you’re using Dorico 5, there are Properties settings in Engrave Mode for these.


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Did Lillie’s post above answer your question, or are you perhaps working on something like a set of written theory exercises on a single (grand) staff and want each individual example on its own staff system? (So, not showing key signature cancellations, courtesy time signatures, etc.)

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Lillie`s s link was sooo helpful , that is exactly what I was looking for for my worksheet with short exercises!!
However im struggling with creating chapters in it now. Any further videos/ideas to create a new chapter with a title from new page within current project ? (I just need a new title from a new page and then continue my worksheet with short flows for excercises). I dont need a title on each page, only just when I need it

That sounds more like a use for page templates (formerly known as “master pages”, for looking up videos made before the terminology change).

right, I have already watched many videos, and did many manipulations with the Master Page and layout Options, and still have no result which I need for particularly my case. After 2 weeks of my suffer I would be glad to have any advice which could be solution for my case …

If you would like to share an example of what you’re trying to achieve, I or someone else here can offer you more tailored advice – it’s hard to know what to say in the abstract.

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[I am creating a Project PATTERNS. For each pattern (in Dorico Project title) includes exercises (In Dorico Flows). So the Page 3 I need to name "Pattern 2 " then should follow exercises for it (Flows) and so on. So I can’t get how to create the chapters Pattern 2, Pattern 3 etc. ]

P.S. wanted to attach a screenshot, but its not working here

Here’s a suggestion that utilises the First page template (and remember, I’m guessing based on your description alone, so you may need to adapt these suggestions!)

  • In Engrave mode, edit the First page template (double-click it in the panel on the right) and swap the {@projectTitle@} token for {@flowTitle@}

  • Enter “Pattern 1”, “Pattern 2” etc as the flow title for the first flow in that set (eg if Pattern 1 contains 4 flows, make flow 1’s title “Pattern 1”, then make flow 5’s title “Pattern 2”)

  • In Engrave mode, in the panel on the right, in the top section, right-click the page where Pattern 2 should begin – add a page template change to that page, and select the First page template

  • Repeat that last step (assigning page template changes) for each page where a new Pattern starts

  • If you don’t want “1. Flow 1” headings above each individual flow on the page, hide flow headings

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Unfortunately I still dont get desired result with the layout. I need to keep the “PATTERN 1” (As project name) in the middle of the page with big letters, and then under it separately ON THE LEFT Side of the page starting as flows with smaller headings: Exercise 1, Exercise 2, Exercise 3 etc.

Then from the new page in the middle with the big letters again: PATTERN 2
Under it separately ON THE LEFT Side of the page flows: Exercise 1, Exercise 2, Exercise 3 etc.

So I need to create it WITHOUT overrides: a title of the chapters (PATTERN 1, PATTERN 2, PATTERN 3 ) each at the MIDDLE of the new page above. And then separately below of the each chapter Flow headings starting from the LEFT CORNER (Exercise 1, Exercise 2 etc).

In other words my issue is: to place the chapter title at the MIDDLE of the page, and right below starting flow headings (multiple exercises) from the LEFT side.

The way You suggested I`ve got all Chapters and flows headings in 1 position, without separating locations Middle and left side of the page…

In Dorico Pro one can make alternate Flow Headings just as one can make different Page Templates and apply them where needed.

Alternately, if all exercises for a given chapter are on the same page, then one can use the Project header for chapters and force a flow to start a new page with a Frame Break.

Hi @Lara here a variation workflow on what Lillie suggested.

I attach an example Dorico File of the below described workflow:

chapters and flows with custom page templates and filter by flow.dorico (549.0 KB)


  1. First you can write your exercises, and call them Ex.1-1 (for Pattern 1 ex. Nr.1) Ex. 1-2 (for Pattern 1 ex. Nr.2) etc…

  2. You can create for each Chapter (Pattern) a separate custom page template with a text frame and a music frame, and call them Pattern 1, pattern 2, etc…:

  • in the text frame you can write the name of the Pattern (pattern 1, patter 2 etc…)
  • in the music frame you can filter by flow: you can so decide which flow appear on that frame
  1. You can also edit the default flow heading, deleting the flow number token and positioning the flow title token on the left

  2. Then you can set the layout options as in the pictures below (I also reduce the rastral size to 6.5), and adjust them as desired

  3. And you can start to apply the page template changes using your created page templates. (For the last chapter choose “from this page onwards” to avoid orphan pages)
    Eventually you can first set frame breaks for convenience.

If you need to add or delete exercises, you can then edit the "filter by flow "of the pattern page templates, and eventually remove the page template changes and reapply them if the amount of exercises in each chapter/pattern changes a lot.

I hope it can be of some help. All the settings are of course customisable as desired (bottom music frame margin can be a little more than 0, for example :wink:


You definitely want to do this without any overrides at all so they can be reordered if need be in the future. Use Flows for each “chapter” (Pattern) then just use Text for the Exercise headings. I use System Text for these so the formatting is already what I want, but you could create a custom Paragraph Style if you want and a shortcut to it too. This way it’s easy to add on to it, move things around, edit for a particular student, extract flows, etc.

The example below shows 2 Flows set up like that, each with its own source material, and then several variations within the Flow. To get rid of the cautionary time sig, I used the “Hide Cautionary at end of system” property that is available in D5. The are no page overrides at all in the project.

There’s a Layout Option to always have Flows start a new page if that’s what you want.


This is Exactly what I need!! I followed all instructions, it works now, but now I have issues with the Orphan pages. The screenshot 5. No matter what I apply in range “Current range” or “From this Page” Onwards I get orphan pages immediately. Any suggestions ?

Do “orphan pages” show Override red triangles in the page icons in the left column of Engrave mode??

If so, remove them.

Hi @Lara
Mhhh… not sure what can cause it, without seeing the project. Check what @Derrek suggested , (but there was maybe a typo: the pages icons are on the upper right panel in Engrave mode).
Or can you share your project to see what happens?

No, i did everything thoroughly step by step by Christians screenshots. Checked all settings many times, already 2nd day. Everything works but after screenshot 5 i get Orphan pagees. Im usung the last updated Version of Dorico

We might need to see a copy of the project, even if you changed all the notes to G or another note (to preserve the spacing).