Creating Expression Maps Orchestral Tools Berlin Series for Dorico 4


I’m wondering how to create Expression Maps for the Berlin Series and if it should work in Dorico 4 SE.

I like Orchestral Tools products and I’m looking for Expression Maps for Berlin Woodwinds.

When are we getting Berlin Series and Expansions in the Sine Player for Dorico 4, are there any?

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What is the preferred method to do expression maps, keyswitches or CC changes regarding Sine Player Berlin Woodwinds?

Welcome to the forum, @MaestroHarmony. If you use the search feature in the forum to look for existing topics on any subject, chances are you will find some earlier discussion. For example, relevant to your question:

Thanks, this certainly helps a lot, though it is a bit incomplete I’m looking forward to upgrading Dorico 4 SE to Dorico 4 Elements. I can’t wait for what Dorico 4.5 has in-store for us.

Furthermore, I did email Babylonwaves about Art Conductor 8, and it seems that the Cubase maps in Dorico 4 might not work until I import them so I shouldn’t have any problem. Probably because Sine is a bit complex and has polymaps in that regard.

We have no plans for a Dorico 4.5 release (Steinberg will not be releasing .5 updates for any of its products any longer), so the next major release of Dorico, when it eventually comes, will be Dorico 5.

You can certainly import Cubase expression maps into Dorico, but they’re not going to work exactly as they do in Cubase out of the box: you will need to review the switches and the actions defined in them carefully. However, they will provide you with a useful starting point, if nothing else.

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That’s big news !
What does that mean for future updates ?
Will we have new features implemented in 4.x (x < 5 I guess then) or will those be only bug fixes/slight improvements and we should wait for v5 to get new features ?
If the latter, do you plan to stick to yearly releases or is it gonna change ?

Thanks !

In the past, there were always new features introduced in the .X releases, even if there was no .5

Quote from the last article on Dorico blog :

As we approach the dog days of summer here in London and Hamburg, we are continuing to work on Dorico 4, and we have one more update with significant functionality planned for the early autumn. With one very small exception, all of the functionality that was present in Dorico 3.5’s Play mode and piano roll editors has been reinstated in the Key Editor in Dorico 4, with a number of significant improvements already incorporated. We have made great strides with the functionality and usability of the new Key Editor, but there is still more work to do in polishing it and ensuring that it provides a really smooth and powerful workflow, and the next update will take it to the next level. We have also been working on a really great feature to help arrangers, which has been in the works now for a long time, and all being well we hope it will be included in the next update.

As I read it from Daniel himself in this forum last week, we’re only some weeks away from that last (?) Dorico 4 version.

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I also posted this on Twitter a few days ago:


Thanks for those of us who still don’t use twitter… and “tip of the iceberg”? Wow, now I’m very curious!!!