Creating group channels in Cubase 11 Pro

Hi everyone. I am attempting to simplify my workflow and one of the things i would like to do is create group channels. I know this is probably a really easy thing to do and a total newb question, but how do i go about setting up the channels so everything routes correctly from the main tracks? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

a)In the mixconsole select all tracks, right click -> „add group to selected tracks“
b)Create a group track first, then in project window or mixconsole select the desired tracks, change output routing one by one or use modifier keys or q-link to change output routing for all tracks.

Thank you. Much appreciated!

You can also accomplish it via Key Commands by using the “Add Track to Selected: Group Channel” function under Mixer section. Then you can select tracks you want to group and hit key command to create the group. I just spent an hour tonight trying to find that… not sure it was worth the effort lol. I wish Cubase was more consistent with what they call stuff in different places!