Creating Group Channels in Tracklane from Instrument Outputs


I’m trying to ask this question another way to see if anyone can help.

I am wanting to group output channels from 1 instrument:
Grove Agent SE with all the drums separated into groups from the outputs…
Output 1> Kick 1, Kick 2
Output 2> Hi Hat 1, Hi Hat 2
Output 3> Fx 1, Fx 2

When I activate the outputs on the instrument ‘down arrow’ the outputs go to the mixing board, but not the track lanes, WTF am I missing. It’s driving me mad.

Thanks for any direction on this.

-Fellow Cubaser


I’m not sure I understand what exactly are you doing.

I would recommend you to do the routing in the MixConsole. In the Project window it’s a bit tricky. Instrument Return Channels are handled as an Automation tracks here.

I don’t think you can get a name from a VST, back into Cubase. I was longing for tracks to take VST preset names, currently I know no way of doing this except typing it out


No, you can’t get a name from a VST, back into Cubase.

Skillset: rather than add it as an instrument add it to the rack and enable the outputs. You will then have a set of tracks in Cubase that you can group by folder. There is no way of grouping the separate outputs of an instrument track