Creating Harmonies with Vocal Sample - Solved

CAN HALION 4 PLAYBACK SAMPLES without re triggering the phrase?

just curious to know if I have an audiosample VOX, if I press a chord, if halion 4 can trigger all 3 notes of the chord at the same time,WITHOUT retriggering them,so the pitches play at the same time?
like my vsynth does, is this possible?

I’d like to make some harmonies by using this method if it is…
I own halion 4 and cannot find if this is possible, anyone know?


Yes, you have to turn on the “Legato” mode in Audiowarp!

manual page 110:

You can use this function to turn a vocal sample into a choir, for example.
When the Legato button is activated, you can add more voices while the sample is playing. These voices are inserted at the current playback position. All voices play in sync. If you play legato, the sample continues playing and you can change the chord without restarting the sample.

Sometimes the added voices can have audible clicks in the attack, for example, because playback starts somewhere in the middle of the sample. You can compensate for this by increasing the attack time of the amplifier envelope.

The Legato option only works within a single sample zone, not accross separate sample zones.

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Thanks Gerrit for the reply. I’ll have a go with it.

Works great,having alot of fun with this, thanks again