Creating miniature scores is easy

Yesterday I was finishing a project which took too many pages. In other programs this usually means mucking around with cramming more bars onto systems, forcing selections into a single page etc.

After attempting the same in Dorico, I decided to try making the systems a little smaller and, following Daniel’s suggestion, letting Dorico’s algorithm do its thing. Just as I was getting ready to hit Save As to make a smaller version (because I still wanted the full-size version), I realized I could instead make a new layout of the full score: in Setup mode, it’s the button at the bottom of the right-hand panel that looks like a conductor.

This works really well: you can have multiple versions of a score (say, full size and miniature) that are completely linked. It could also be useful for people with impaired vision, to make an extra-large layout.

The only caveat is that changes you make in Engrave mode might not look the same in another layout. The more you rely on the Properties panel at the bottom to control placement etc., the more consistent multiple layouts will look. It’s really convenient and powerful, and since I haven’t seen any posts about it I thought I’d point it out. As far as I know this isn’t possible in other software (except maybe Lilypond).

Easy enough in Finale, but you do have to do the layout work twice.