creating new instruments in Dorico 3

This is a question I raised some time ago, and back then there was no easy solution. I’m hoping things might have changed!

I have created a Dorico TAB/notation system for the 21-stringed African instrument, the Kora. No, this is not a fretted instrument, but I have wangled it in a way that tablature can work. In short, I load a classical guitar (not so far from a Kora sound) then do some editing in the Edit Tuning window. I have to reduce the 6-string guitar to 2 strings (representing the two courses of the Kora) and then indicate the 21 strings of the instrument by using the frets (1st fret = 1st string etc) Yes, it sounds complicated, but it works. I then export the tuning as a ‘.doricotuning’ file.

The problem is that I can’t save this as an instrument, so that I have to save the project as a template. Or otherwise if I want to use my Dorico Kora, I have to load another guitar, open the string and tuning editor, and import the .doricotuning file that I have saved… etc.

To cut a long story short, is there now a way that I can save this edited version of the Classical Guitar as ‘Kora’ , an instrument which can be called up from the Setup menu like any other instrument when adding a new player?

Any suggestions most welcome.

I’ll use this opportunity to say thanks once again to the wonderful Dorico team for providing so much inspiration and innovation in Dorico, and for a support system to suit.

(by the way, I know that there is a Kora in the Dorico instrument list, but because this is not a fretted instrument and therefore doesn’t have access to TAB, this is not much use to me).

I’m afraid there really is no way to do this at the moment. We do plan to introduce features for editing instrument types in the future, but it’s not something that is in Dorico today.

OK Daniel, thanks for replying. I’ll look forward to the future while enjoying the present …

Hi Henry,
I hope you are doing great and see this post. I am a kora player interested in using Dorico for kora transcriptions. Is there any chance you would be so gracious as to share your tuning file or explain the settings you used in the Edit Strings and Tuning dialog?
Thank you!