creating new instruments


i have the problem to create new instruments with different keys and names or languages because i can´t use the ones i can choose at the moment. All instrument names are in english at the moment. i know how to rename the ones i can choose but i don´t know how give them a new key. can i generally edit the instrument list or add instrumentgroups and instruments with different names and keys and sort them?

many thanks

Hi, m_b.
Creating your own instruments is not possibly currently.
What you can do, though: Start with an instrument with the correct transposition, and add the name and the sound patch.

Hi Estigy,
thanks for your answer.
Yes thats what i have already done.
i hoped that it is possible to create new instruments with all information needed, also the sound patch for halion sonic.
do you know if it possible to save a template with the corrected players and layouts?

You can save your empty file as a template and base your future pieces on this file (read: copy your base file and start there).
“Real” templates are not here yet.