Creating new layout for a selection of instruments only

Hello again. I hope this isn’t a daft question but I’ve searched the forum and nothing quite matches.
It’s an orchestral piece with a mezzo-soprano and baritone.
Just one flow.

I need to create a part layout a) for the mezzo and baritone together and
b) for the singers plus a piano part to create a vocal score.

The instructions in “Dorico Help” aren’t leading me to a suitable answer. I can click on the button at the foot of the set-up page and it gives me an “empty player” player. I supposed I needed to click it twice to get 2 empty players. But I can’t assign my singers to these players.
I end up with two “full scores”. so the player labels say. I deleted them having saved the project in case I wiped it out.

Any help you can give would be most appreciated.

I don’t understand what you are doing. Are your players already set up? (Left panel)? If not, use shift-p to add a player and fill the instrument picker. Rince and repea.
The layouts are the right panel so obviously, it is at the bottom of the right panel that you create new layouts (either full score. part or custom layout, you choose).
Once you have created a layout, select it and you can tick the players you wish to includevin that layout (and the flows, but hrre, there’s only one so it’s simple)
Hope it helps.

Yes, sorry for not mentioning. It’s a full orchestral score. Dorico received it as an xml.
The player names are those received by Dorico. I have assigned no “instruments” using the Dorico facility by clicking the + sign to the right of the player tab in the list.
What I want is a new layout featuring two singers, the music of which exists in full-score. I can reach each of them separately by switching to them in the “full score/parts” button at the centre of the setup page.

I can’t work out how to get these two together in a new layout, let’s call it “singers”. Perhaps there’s a way of setting up two empty players, assigning them via the Dorico list then copying the music - somehow - from the individual parts.
I’m still too new to Dorico to know whether I’d create a custom layout or a standard one.

Create your new layout (full score or part - that determines which Master Pages it acquires) in the section on the right side (Setup mode). It will be empty. Click on it, then select which Players on the left side section you want included in that layout by ticking them in the checkbox. Click on various layouts to see which players are included - you’ll get the idea. It’s a little confusing at first, but offers awesome flexibility for creating multiple layouts with different players in them.

If you create a new Full Score, all the Players at the left will be automatically included. Uncheck the ones you don’t want in your new layout. Double-clicking on the layout name will enable you to rename it to something else.

I do it all the time just to create focused views, typically on the choirs of an orchestra - winds, brass, percussion and strings.

Take a look at this.
demoProject.dorico (377.8 KB)
I added two empty layouts, the Conductor score and the Pno/Vocal score, and for each checked off (added) the players I wanted it to contain.

  • The Working Score is the original full score and contains all instruments (including the Rehearsal Piano reduction); it is never printed and doesn’t need formatting.
  • The Conductor Score is a layout I added and contains all Players except the rehearsal piano.
  • The Pno/Vocal score contains the two singers and the rehearsal piano part.

This is essentially what @dwlarson is describing in his post.

Many thanks indeed.
Crikey! That was easier than I expected. Another part of the learning process accomplished.
Again, thank you, and thank you all for your additional comments.

For reference, these are the relevant pages in the manual:

This general introduction to how the 3 (players, layouts, and flows) interact with an example at the bottom might also be helpful.


Am I missing something here?

I have a full score, I want to create Brass layout showing only brass instruments. I followed your steps. I created the Brass layout. However, when I select it, as you can see, It show only the staves for brass secion with none of notes!

My guess is that you don’t have any flows assigned to the layout.

Click on your brass only layout (on the right of the screen). Then players assigned to that layout will have check marks, and flows assigned to the layout will also have check marks. Click on the small square boxes to add players or flows. Click on the check marks to remove players or flows.

After a proper look at your screen shot, did you create a new flow for your brass layout?

The way to do this is to create a new layout, possibly by duplicating the full score and removing the instruments you don’t need as I described above. And make sure to assign the flow to the layout.

I am not at my comptuer. I will check it out and answer it.

Thank you so much :slight_smile: