Creating New Page Template Set

Hi. I’ve been reading the Dorico Pro 4.1 Manual and watching some Dorico videos on this subject.
When trying to apply what I’m understanding I should do to accomplish my goal, I run into problems that I can’t so far, figure out.
So, here it is:
Trying to create a new page template set.
Get that each set ONLY has a First Page & a Default Page.
Understand the different elements that are in each.
Here’s what I created:

and here’s what I get, so far in Engrave mode.

Two questions posted in the last pdf.
Any ideas, suggestions?

Hi @algae592009 – firstly as an aside, the latest published version of the Dorico 4 manual is 4.2; it was updated in the last few weeks. If you’ve downloaded a PDF, you might want to update your local copy from here.

To your questions – you might find this page from the First Steps guide helpful in working out what’s coming from where, even though it uses the older term “master page” for “page template” :

  1. Gap between dedication and subtitle: that’s because the title token you’re using is the flow title, rather than the project title, and by default flow titles are hidden above flow headings. This is a Layout Option – see here.

  2. Boxed “1. Flow 1”: that’s a flow heading, and I presume you’ve set the corresponding paragraph style to have a border.

For more info about page templates, these pages in particular might be helpful:

Hi Lillie,
Thanks for the info. I’ve already downloaded the latest version of Dorico Manual, which is for 4.1 version (as per text in the manual).
After reading the suggested links, I’ve fixed the empty space between dedication and flow subtitle.
I’m still finding that when there’s no dedication, the flow title and subtitle aline differently.
Here’s the example:

Any idea why?

Can you attach your file or get rid of some music and attach?

Not sure and I’m guessing here, but it may be that the font size is not getting set properly when the field is blank. Try entering a space in the dedication field rather than leaving it blank.

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Are you using the Flow Header with the First Page, or do you just want the Flow Title token as part of the First Page.

If not, it’s not enough to just delete the text from the Flow Header in Engrave Mode. You need to turn it off in Layout Options.

How is your vertical justification set in your Title frame. If is is Centered or Bottom, the text may move when certain fields are blank.

Here’s a screenshot from the latest published PDF – it’s possible that you’ve got an earlier version cached in your browser. (You should generally be able to trust me when it comes to “what’s the latest version of the manual”, as I’m the person responsible for writing and publishing it.)


The team is aware of this.