Creating new version of waveform options

When I first started using Cubase, whilst performing audio process procedures, it was aking me if I wanted to create new version. In my ignorance I chose not to and clicked not to be asked again. I since realise the detrimental aspect of this decision and need to know how to reset that option so as not to currupt all audio files that I process. Please help! Thanks,

Desperate Ben

It’s in Prefs.

I have looked in prefs. but am blind to this option. Could you give me a little more detail?

Okay thanks. After 10 minutes of frustrated cursing, I found it. I guess I am still getting used to the lingo. Peace x

Hi, I desperately need reset this option too…where is it in pref? Cant find it in SX…thanks!!

If memory serves, it is Preferences > Editing > Audio