Creating New Versions

Is there a way to create a new version of an audio file?



Various ways…

Ok then give me 1


Ok Bounce audio.

another one that does nto involve exporting and importing. I know cubase has a create new version feature. Just can find it.

Bounce Audio…

How do i get to that option?

In the audio menu, you can also assign a key command to it if you like.


Hold ALT and drag downwards?

Can only think you mean “copy”.

A vague question generates vague answers. :mrgreen:

No not copy. I mean like when i process a plug-in, it ask if i want to create a new version, which means it will only apply it to that to that specific file and not others if you that file has duplicates.

“Bounce selection” which is, what split meant…

Thanks, yes indeed “Selection” is what was meant. :smiley:

And how do I bounce select?

You have already been given the answer in this thread, if that´s not enough - RTFM ?!

You just typing a couple of sentences won’t be that difficult.