Creating PDFs doesn't always produce all pages

I’ve recently been experiencing a disturbing bug. When producing PDFs of an entire piece, including score and parts, some of the parts consist of only the first page, and I can’t find any pattern to which of the parts. The parts which are complete are about 400K but about half of them are only 50K. This doesn’t happen when I make PDFs of the parts separately but it still shouldn’t happen. Does anyone have an idea what could be happening?

I remember having had that bug once… I restarted the print function and everything was in order. I never had this again. This was like a year ago.

Are you sure, Vaughan, that you haven’t set a page range in the right-hand panel in Print mode for any of those parts at any point? The graphics export will of course respect any page ranges you have defined. It might be worth selecting each part in turn in the left-hand Layouts list in Print mode and checking that there’s no page range specified for any of them on the right-hand side.

Dear Daniel,
I remember perfectly that I did not change anything about the page range. I did not mention this glitch because it happened only once, and at the second attempt, everything worked flawlessly. Since it happened to Vaughan, and I do remember it happened to me, I add my voice to this thread…

I did indeed check to make sure about the page ranges, and I hadn’t changed any of them. The layouts all showed All Pages. It’s a mystery, especially since it doesn’t affect all the parts or the score. It’s also reproducible, although I’ll have to try again sometime after a restart.

I remember this happening to me as well, some time ago. I didn’t make notes, assumed it was just me, and resolved it somehow. It’s my habit to quickly glance through the exported PDFs anyway, because there are quite a few potential human errors that may still reveal themselves. I’ll keep an eye open if I can see it happen again.

If it’s reproducible, then please provide me with the project so that I can reproduce it and we can figure out what’s going wrong.

I could not reproduce it, that’s another reason I did not bring the subject here.

If it persists after I’ve restarted the next time, I’ll send the file.

I also have experienced the same problem. At first, I thought it as a bug.
However, I realised that it is a manner of Dorico. Dorico remembers the last set of page range for each layout.
Thus, you should always check the range before printing.
I have not checked if Dorico remembers the setting for page range when reopening the document after closing it.

I have not checked it after upgrading to 2.2.10.

I have not checked if Dorico remembers the setting for page range when reopening the document after closing it.

It does. All of the settings in the right-hand panel in Print mode are saved with the project.