Creating Percussion Parts

Hi all,

I’m wanting to create two percussion parts in my orchestral score, one for tuned percussion (xylophone and glockenspiel) and the other for auxiliary percussion (snare, bass drum, cymbals), but I want it on normal 5 line staves with instrument changes marked.

How can I go about doing this?


Create each of the instruments separately in Setup, and add each set to a percussion kit. Enter the music on the separate staves in Galley View, and Dorico automatically unites them into a single staff (with the instrument change indications) in Page View. The relevant starting page in the User Guide is here.

Something like this?


Perc.dorico (481.7 KB)

Or this:

Perc 2.dorico (472.0 KB)

Thanks Mark, think I was trying to do it wrong!