Creating Pro MIDI Files

Does anyone know how to create professional MIDI files? When I import a pro MIDI file, it has information embedded into the first few bars. This is most probably the volumes, patch names etc. But I have no idea how to do it. If I record a multi-track and export as a MIDI file, it either ends up as every track being piano or just sounds naff. I’ve exhausted my searches on the web, and unbelievably, I just can’t find any tutorials on it!
If anyone knows what to do or where I can start, I would much appreciate it!

Are you trying to create tracks for specific instruments or for general MIDI?

The MIDI List Editor in Cubase is your friend but you can already achieve a lot by appropriately setting the preferences in Cubase for the export of MIDI files.

You could start by examining commercial MIDI files, then, armed with the knowledge of how that’s done, add the relevant events to your own tracks prior to export. The List Editor also allows you to very easily add program changes, controllers and all sorts of other information, but that may only be useful if done in accordance with established standards such as General MIDI (GM), i.e. you need to consider the device that will play back the information.

If you examine the specification of the Standard MIDI File (“SMF”) format you’ll see what information can be embedded, but of course there can be quite a bit of work involved. For example, under Meta-Events, you’ll see how things such as tempo, time and key signatures, copyright notices and lyrics can be added.

Thank you. Yes, I think I will look at some pro midi files and educate myself on what I need to include.