Creating "Right Zone" Key Commands (VST Effects, Instruments, Control Room)

Is it possible to create “right zone” key commands to jump to the different media types? Example: I want to bind a key command to jump to the VST Effects broswer, and another to jump to VST Instruments, and another to jump to Loops & Samples, and another for Control Room, etc.

I know Ctrl+Alt+R will open and close the right-zone, but I’d like to increase the efficiency of working with it by binding key commands to the most used areas. I looked around in Key Commands but couldn’t find anything like this.

Z hi,

I’m not with Cubase right now, but as far as I know, this is not possible. But you can open its own window for Effect each of these by using Key Command.

Thanks for replying Martin. I think you’re right in that it’s not possible. A bindable key command would be a nice way to speed up the navigation/workflow if you use the right-zone a lot like I do.

I want to quickly be able to jump between browsing for effects or the Control Rool or browsing for an instrument. To be able to do that in one keystroke would be nice.

Yes, it would be great to have key commands for these. In the meantime I made my own with AHK.

Hi Rhino,
First you put your mouse over those icons you want key commands for and then use this AHK script to get their X Y coordinates on your specific screen. These will go to your clipboard so you can paste them into notepad and then fill them into the second script.

MouseGetPos, x, y ; Find out current mouse position
Clipboard = Click, %x%, %y%

Then put the coordinates you pasted into notepad into this script and attach them to keys -

F12:: (replace with your chosen keys)
Click, 3654, 274 (replace these numbers with your x y coordinates)

Click, 3759, 276

Click, 3637, 183

Click, 3765, 517

I use F12 for VST Instruments, F11 for VST Effects, and Scroll Lock for File Browser.
F10 is for the little Home window icon above in the header because the mouse needs to go there first and between key commands to show the icons again.
An extra cool thing is I then attached those key commands and many others to the side keys of this mouse.

The Corsair software lets me record mouse moves so I can program in f10 quickly followed by say f11 so it’s only one key hit and not two. Now I don’t have to use f10 between the other commands because it’s automatic and instant.
It’s also great because I don’t have to constantly look down at my keyboard for 15 key commands :slight_smile:

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