Creating sample library for virtual piano

I’m trying to develop an ideal workflow for sampling acoustic pianos (and other real instruments) to create virtual instruments. I’m having a problem with bypassing non-destructive editing in Cubase and converting my sample track into individual wav files for future import to Halion, Kontakt, EXS, etc…

For context, I have recorded a cycle of fifth throughout all octaves in one continuous take. This includes two velocity cycles and releases of the notes. My intention is to then slice that sample and rename the splits (ex. Piano p C0, Piano p G0, etc). When I do this, however, it renames all of the splits the same name in the Project Window and in the Pool. How can I convert these splits to independent samples and bounce them as a collection of appropriately named .wav files?

Thank you in advance!

This because all the Events are based on the same underlying file so when you rename that file all the Events based on it will show the new filename. You can however edit the Description Field for each Event to have a unique description independent of other Events based on the file. By default the Description is set the same as the Filename.


If you want to create unique individual Wave files for each Event you can use Render In Place which will create new Wave files. Make sure the Mode is set to “As Separate Events” or you’ll end up with them in the same (although new) file again.

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I would give this a try :slight_smile: Samplerobot


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Thanks Bill. This doesn’t address my primary question/objective, which is to take a single cycle of fifths take/recording in Cubase and split it into multiple small wav files representing g each note outside of the Daw.

Thank you. I’m going to give this a try!