Creating, Saving and using Template

I am new to Dorico, (I’m using Dorico 4) but I would like to create Project Profiles and Templates that I can utilize whenever I create a new Project or simply need to format Engrave to suit for a predetermined profile. Is there a way to create page templates (for example), name and reuse them on new projects? I have watched a ton of videos but the information is not quite there regarding this topic for Dorico-4.

Thanks in advance.

Dorico 4,
MacBook Pro, MacOS 11.6
16GB RAM, 2.5Ghz i7 4 core

Yes, a new feature in Dorico 4 is the ability to save project files as templates. “Save As Project Template” in the File menu.

You can also export and import Page Template Sets between files, containing Master page layouts.

Thank you so very much for the information benwiggy, it definitely helped me. One question though, in Write mode, if I navigate(jump) from let’s say bar 16 to bar 54 and select a note or object, how do I play from that newly selected point except by using the letter “P” on my computer keyboard?


Why is using “P” a problem?

I was wondering if that was my only option to “play”? most programs utilize the space bar for play back as well as the arrow keys. so I discovered the “P” by accident as well. So can you confirm that “P” is the only option to start playing the music in write mode?

Thanks in advance.

You can change the key command for play to anything you want in the preference menu.

P moves the playhead to the current selected note and starts playing (pressing it again stops playback).
Space bar starts/stops playing at the current playback position (wherever that happens to be).

If you want to start playback from a specific place. Select that note and press P. If you want to continue from wherever you last stopped playback, use space.

Also there is a separate command to Move Playhead to Selection, Alt+P.
That plus Space is equivalent to P.

Mark thank you for the information. I appreciate it.