Creating Secret Tracks in WaveLab

Hey guys,
I am having trouble creating “secret songs” in Wavelab. I know that it has to do with the markers but I am unclear how to make it happen. I would like the CD to start regularly but be able to rewind into the negative seconds to have a “secret song”. I would also like to have a “secret song” between CD tracks 7 and 8
Please help and thanks!

Finally figured it out ( in case anyone else is having the same problems)…
in Audio Montage mode, in the CD window, you must go to the “Options” section (which is slightly difficult to find…) . Options is found when you click the double arrows next to “Function”. Once you’re in “options” you need to enable “Audio in Pauses”. once this mode is enabled, you drag your “CD Track start” (red triangle) over to where you want the song to actually start and anything before it is played within the negative seconds. It’s actually pretty simple once you enable “audio in pauses”. I recommend sequencing the whole album, space wise, in Audio montage before you start moving the “cd track markers” around. Best of luck to anyone trying to do the same thing