Creating Self-Contained Projects including audiofiles that are used by stock plugins

I noticed that when creating Self-Contained Projects, audio files that are used in plugins such as “Groove Agent SE”, “Padshop 2”, “REVerence”, LoopMash 2, are not copied to the project folder. This does not allow you to create a full-fledged portable project.
I understand that there are functions such as saving a preset with files, but it takes time and attention. It would be cool to be able to save all audio files in the project folder. Thanks!

Why not render those tracks to audio files and then back up the project ? Then you’re also independent of those VST Instruments (Groove Agent, Padshop…etc).

I’m not sure I understand this bug and/or feature request. Are you saving a new preset? Then, when you create a Self-Contained Project, any custom audio component of that preset does not get saved in that project? Or are you saying that the factory preset has audio components that are not being saved in the Self-Contained Project? Or is it something completely different.

All presets are saving but they store the path to the audio files but not the files themselves.
For example: create a new project, add “Groove Agent SE”, add audio files from third-party libraries to the “Groove Agent”, add a “Reverence” to the project, add a third-party impulse to the “Reverence”, and make a backup copy of the project. Then take the project folder and send it to your colleague, for example. Will he open your project and load all the necessary files into the “Reverence” and Groove Agent? No, because you have these files on your mashine, but they are not in the project folder that you send your colleague.

Yes, that’s a good idea, but sometimes creative people go back to plugin settings (or old unfinished projects) in order to make some changes or additions. Bouncing is a one-way ticket.