Creating Separate Tracks in Cubase w/ EZDrummer

I have an Alesis DM10 drum kit connected via MIDI USB interface to Cubase. I’ve watched a lot of tutorial videos on this, and to make each drum it’s own channel, you have to select “multichannel” in EZDrummer and change your “VST instrument” settings in Cubase. Except I can’t seem to find the “VST instrument” option in my version of Cubase (LE5).


Use the VST instrument panel (rack) not an instrument track!

… which is not available in LE 5…

Well thats a problem then :laughing:


Taki2007: It can be done though—here

  1. record your midi track or instrument track of drums as usual
  2. open the “drum editor”
  3. grab the “MUTE Tool” from the tool bar
  4. mute “ALL” DRUMS except for one
  5. export that drum (making sure pool and audio track are checked in audo mixdown)
    back into the project
  6. REPEAT this process one drum at a time until all drums are on there own Audio Tracks

Jack :smiley: :smiley:

ps: This does take a while but it works .
I did this alot with Cubase Le4 before I got Cubase 6 with Batch Export :wink:

PPS: If you want a little Drum leakage SIMULATION you could try exporting 2 or more drums at a time
turning the volume down in the Drum editor on the leaked DRUM.

Worked for me. :wink:

I guess that’s how I’ll do it, thanks!
A bit odd that they removed that function from the LE edition, but moving forward lol.

Taki: I don’t think it was ever there. I never had the VST INSTRUMENT Rack
or Batch Export in Cubase Le4.

Good luck :slight_smile:

Jack :smiley: :smiley:

PS: And remember to “solo” your midi track
when exporting your drums one at a time
back into your project :wink: