Creating sounds of Fireworks or using samples?

I have a piece that requires a lot of fireworks in a distance. I can create these with drum samples and effects…etc. Does anyone have any cool ideas on creating these. I can do it but someone may really know a cool way to do this. I guess I could purchase some kind of fireworks samples but it would be fun to make these? Any suggestions? thanks all! :slight_smile:

I have used for stuff like this.

I like them as well and thanks for the reply. I do think it would be cool to create my own or have VSTs so I can play the hits exactly where I want them.

You could take a longer sample file, load it into a Cubase sampler track, slice it like a drum loop and even optionally export it to a Groove Agent kit.

And then trigger (and optionally further manipulate) the slices to desired taste and timing.


If you own Kontakt you can create your own VST Library from any samples you have. Creating Kontakt Instruments for Beginners – ADSR

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there are some lovely japanese firework displays on youtube that sound epic


Exactly what I was thinking.

Also I bet there are some VSTi’s that specialize in these kinds of sounds.

[vsti for fireworks audio - Google Search](https://VSTi for Fireworks audio)

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