Creating Specific Configuration of Folders, Tracks, Groups

I’m trying a new way of adapting my workflow to Nuendo. I would like to add multiple tracks with a specific configuration. Something like this.

I’d like to create this block of tracks, in a folder, with group channel and colors, instantly. I tried to find a way of doing this automatically. I looked at Clip Packages, but they only save content and its position, but no track configuration. I looked at Track Presets but they contain channel strip and insert settings for a single track. I read there are Multi-Track Presets but they only take the tracks that are in the project and apply individual track presets to the sequence of those existing tracks. But nothing I looked at actually created a set configuration of new tracks.

Maybe I don’t know what the correct term for this is. Maybe there is no way of doing that so I looked at Macros, but I could not figure out how to do the following:

  • create 8 audio channels
  • select those 8 and put them all in a folder
  • select those 8 again and route them to a new group channel
  • move the group channel to the top of that folder (as for my purpose, I don’t want the group channel to be in the special Group Tracks folder)
  • Applies my color scheme to it (folder gray, tracks blue, group yellow)

Sort of like “Project Part Preset”. Is there something like this?

The only thing I can think of right now is keeping a “spare” folder with all tracks in the project and then duplicate this, when needed. The only thing is the routing is not correct and I have to reroute the copied channels to the copied group channel in that folder. It works, but as I said, I was looking for an even more elegant way, if there is any.

Update: After some searching I found this function in Logic. There you can create such a configuration as Track Stack and then save this stack as an audio patch. I then just had to recall my patch and all audio tracks, routing, and all track settings with EQ and plugins have been recalled. Handy.

“Track Archive”?

Great, thanks for hinting at the correct terminology :slight_smile: Now I found it in the manual. It’s a bit convoluted in the interface as once you have to select tracks and click Export > Selected Tracks … (looked to me like a mixdown, no mention of track archive here). And then import via Import > Track Archive. So it’s not easy to find.

I noticed a quirk though. It doesn’t save folders, so I cannot just import my complete configuration in one go. Wrapping a folder around imported tracks is not a big deal, though. So, cool, thanks a lot for pointing me in the right direction!

I also saw that I can import tracks from another project. But there I noticed, too, that folders are missing, as well as groups. So it’s the worse option.

Thinking about it, adding support for folder tracks in track archives should not be that hard. Why doesn’t that work?

Steinberg, Feature Request.