Creating stems

I searched the forums here for an answer to this question to no avail, so here it goes:

In Nuendo (I was using 3.0) there was a way to create stem mixes without exporting a mixdown. It would take each track and combine or “smooth over” all manual edits, crossfades, etc, fill in spaces, etc, and make a new wav or aif that was the length of the entire project. I had a macro set up to do an entire project at once. I cannot find any evidence that Cubase 7 does such a thing. Is this true? Does Cubase 7 lack this ability? If it does do such a thing, does anyone know how?

Thanks in advance!


Maybe you are talking about audio=>bounce? It writes down all audio event changes, fades, slices etc., and creates new audio files from that. But that is only on audio event level - no inserts, sends or automation.

I had a macro set up to do an entire project at once.

In Nuendo 5 / 6 you can use “Export Bounce Marker” - this very useful option is not available in Cubase.

Organise your audio tracks to Group channels, each of which is to be one of the stems you require. Assign the chosen Group channels as the input sources for an appropriate number of empty Audio channels. Record enable these Audio channels and press the Transport record button to record all the stems in one pass.

Audio=>bounce! That’s exactly it. Thank you very much, Stereolost. And thanks to everyone else for the replies as well. Very helpful!