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I am trying to indicate an espressivo marking for only three instruments in my score. Unfortunately, when I make the marking above one instrument, it immediately goes to the top of the full score and is inside of every instrument’s part. Even when I select three specific instruments, the text still goes to the top of the score and is found inside of every instrument’s individual part.

I know a workaround to this issue:

Hide the text from the individual parts.

This means that if I want to see espressivo appear under three different parts in the full score, I have to type out espressivo three different times, move them to where I want them to be with Engrave mode, then hide all the unnecessary espressivo markings in each individual part. There has to be a better way.

Thank you!
Composer citynoah

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What method are you using to enter the text?

Hi Daniel,

I am entering the text with the shortcut option + shift + x.

Option+shift+X will create System Text. Shift+X will create Staff-attached Text (which will only be on the stave you create it on).

Does this solve the problem?

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Thank you for your quick and helpful response, Daniel. It worked!

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Also, just in case you are not aware, while the text is selected you can use option-click to copy it to another location.

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