Creating the same clef with 2 different looks

Dear all,

I made the “treble clef 8 below” look like a percussion clef because one of my virtual instruments needed it… However now I need the normal “treble clef 8 below” for the bass clarinet. Is there a way to create a second clef that works just like the “treble clef 8 below” so that I can use one with the optic of a percussion clef and one with the standard optic?

I need both of these in the same project…

Best wishes!

“Treble 8 below clef” is never used for bass clarinet in competent notation. Does that solve the problem?

Thank you for your anwser. I have now changed the clef to “normal” treble clef but now, in the conductor’s score, the part is unreadable (way below the pentagram). When I switch to the player’s part it looks just fine.

How can I achieve a readable result in both layouts?

Which version of Bass Clar did you choose in the instrument picker (Setup Mode)?
You can use “Change Instrument” to make sure.