Creating triplet notes

I am trying to write a group of triplet eighth notes that gets played over one beat. This picture on this page is what I am trying to do:

So basically the three eighth notes get their note value shortened so that the three ‘quarter’ notes are played in one beat(Instead of one and a half beats). I can only find ways to change the appearance of the notes in the score editor. But I want to change the actually note length so I can play the triplet in one beat. Is there a way Cubase can do this?

Hmm. We do this all the time. Try setting your time signature to 12/8 or 6/8, and take a look in the key edit window the quantize presets, and you’ll see a lot of options for triplets. I can find out more tomorrow when I find a piece I’ve been working on.

Yeah there are a few ways to do this:

  1. Open Key Editor. Set quantize to 8th trip. Note length to “Quantize Link”
  2. Select Line Tool. Draw over the beat. It should insert your three triplets—as long as you’ve drawn the line long enough.
    OR if your straight 8ths are already in there:
  3. with a long note across the beat, choose Split tool. Quantize to 8th trip. Hold down the modifier key (it’s ⌥ on my Mac) for “split repeatedly” and click around the first 8th trip division and it will divide the note into 8th trips

Thanks! Both ways worked. Didn’t know it was this easy.

Yeah, man, no worries! Cubase is the godfather of MIDI sequencers. If you can think it, it can do it somehow. :wink:

I know this is an old thread, but it was just what I needed. Thanks enjneer.