Creating various N-Tuplets

My creation of N-Tuplets is a continual Hit & Miss!

Obviously I am unsure how to Create them properly & easily!

e.g. I want to Create a 7 N-Tuplet in 2/4 time?

Can some one please help me get the N-Tuplets I want each time, i.e. show me the correct procedure?

Many thanks!

You didn’t say if you wanted that 7-tuplet to play across the entire 2/4 bar, or just over one beat.
to build it over the entire 2/4/ bar…
First, make sure that the Display Quantize for that section is small enough to show these small notes correctly…(16ths should be small enough)
I presume that the actual (i.e. “played”) notes are in fact close to their desired position? (to give Cubase a little less work to do by itself :wink: )
Select the notes, then Scores Menu>Build N-Tuplet.
Set “Type” to 7
Set “Over” to 2/4 (or 4/8, which is the same thing :wink: )… or if you want the tuplet over just one beat, then set this to 1/4 (or 2/8).
… and set “Text” to “7” (if you intend telling the truth :stuck_out_tongue: )