creating video for youtube

I would like to post some videos on youtube. Just me and my guitar doing some songs.

I can use the webcam on my laptop with TrakAx video software and while the audio quality is fine (I’m using NI Guitar Rig Session I/O audio interface), the video quality is very poor.

I tried using a better quality camera (Panasonic TZ8 - a stills camera that also records video clips) to record the video while recording the audio in Cubase LE 5. Once I had copied the video file off the camera onto the PC I couldn’t see how to sync the two together. Are there any tricks or tips on how to do this? Basically I have a video file with no sound and an audio file and I can’t see how to match them up. It would be neat to be able to do this in Cubase so I could do overdubs of other instruments.

I don’t want to spend out on an expensive camcorder as I don’t need super quality video for you tube. I want to try and use what I already have if possible.

Many thanks in advance, Aidan

Drag the audio file until it’s in sync with the video, or are you saying the tempos of each don’t match.

It sounds like he didn’t even get the video in cubase yet. Try importing the video file into your project, you can use Cubase to sync audio to video.