Creating your own Montage EX With Halion

I’m not fond of people who seem to be happy with the status quo. I have no idea why someone would choose to live like that. To each his own.

Halion is the most powerful synth on the market today. I can actually prove that at the drop a dime. I will be posting videos of me handing literally every synthesizer a massive L. USUALLY I get blocked and suppressed. We will see.

As previously mentioned…my version of Halion is called SKYFALL and it runs with a parallel physics audio engine with Halion’s Native Synth Engine…and a Super DAC…and it uses Multi Layered Massive DSP Delta Meridian Sound Design…

What I’m getting at is that I feel like I have this new perspective into what is going on at the audio stream level. Like I know when and where and HOW this engine breaks.

So, if you’re asking me if you build your own Montage X with Halion ? Yes you can. It’s gonna take some time. A while. But to me…I wouldn’t trade it for any other synthesizer.

Stay tuned for a link. It’s gonna take time.

Step One: Make it look how you want it to look.

One thing Halion has over the Montage is customization and flexibility. You can make it look however you would like!

SKYFALL makes full use of Halion’s GUI flexibility. You can see how I’ve totally redesigned the core look of Halion. Also, I have the WARP HUD on the right because sounds in SKYFALL are “built machines”… massive layers of different DSP and just total nonsense, then I can send any channel to the WARP cores to make the sound REAL. I have no clue how it’s doing it but it’s actually adding a “physics” element to the sound. It sounds like nothing else on the market.

But talk is cheap. Next step-Getting the sounds.