Cresc./Dim. al niente playback with NotePerformer

Cresc./Dim. al niente don’t playback properly using NotePerformer. Crescendos don’t start “from nothing” but at a certain dynamic and then playback is suddenly corrected half way through. The diminuendos, on the other hand, decay too rapidly and the last portion of the note is never heard. Is there a way to address this?

This thread says the playback of such hairpins has been implemented but I’m guessing it applies to the HALION library, or am I wrong?


At least in a simple project, Antonio, like the attached, I find that I get comparable playback with both HSO and NotePerformer; the first and last notes are not completely silent, but they’re certainly very quiet. (165 KB)

Thank you very much, Daniel! It plays back as expected so I went back to my piece and looked for a passage where I’m having this issue and copied it in the file… and the crescendo doesn’t start at “niente” for that instrument. Take a look; it’s a percussion part.
As for the diminuendo I still think it decays too rapidly. It’s more noticeable on a large ensemble. Perhaps the curve is too linear so the diminuendo is performed correctly but past a certain point the sound is so faint it can’t be heard anymore so it appears as if the instrument was quieted off too early. I think it would be a great idea if in the future you could add a field where we could adjust the start/end dynamic of these hairpins, which I’m sure will vary from one library to another. (593 KB)

We certainly do anticipate adding greater control over the playback effects of hairpins in future.

When applying dynamics to percussion kits, you need to make sure you add the dynamics for each insdtrument individually by setting the presentation type to ‘Single-line instruments’ on the Players page of Layout Options. The dynamiics that you add to the 5-line staff presentation type won’t be applied consistently (in fact, I’m surprised they appear to be having any effect at all).


Ohhh! I see! Ok. Got it!

Hahaha! Well, I’m glad they work… as crudely as they do, anyway!