cresc.+dynamic+dim. attached to one notehead?

Is it possible to attach a crescendo line + dynamic + diminuendo line to the same notehead?

You can attach dynamics to rhythmic positions where there are no notes.

  • Change the rhythmic grid to 32nd notes. Start note input mode and put the cursor one grid position before the 16th note.
  • Type D< and press enter to start the first hairpin using the dynamics popover. Note, the hairpin will not appear in the score yet, because Dorico doesn’t know where it ends!
  • Move the note input cursor using the right-arrow key. (Note, don’t move it by just clicking somewhere else in the score!)
  • Type Df> to make the next part of the dynamics.
  • Move the note input cursor again and type D> to end the second hairpin.

In fact you can just type < and > instead of D< and D>, but the explanation seemed easier to understand using the dynamics popover three times.