Crescendo behaviour between Score & Key Editors

I am trying to figure out the most efficient way of adding Dynamic Mapping crescendo/diminuendo markings.

If I add them via the Key Editor they don’t show properly on the Score Editor (see attachment) although they play perfectly. In this example, it generates a gradual diminuendo to the PP at bar 53, but Cubase wrongly shows it as a diminuendo just under the first note in bar 51.
If I add them via the Score Editor they show properly in the score but don’t show up in the Key Editor or play at all.

So how exactly is this supposed to work ?

The Dynamics Mapping tab is different than the Dynamics tab in the Score editor, so which are you entering in the score editor?

Unless I am misunderstanding you completely, in your screenshot, all you need to do in the Score Editor is drag the end handle of the diminuendo to the start of the high Eb (it shouldn’t affect the already-correct playback :slight_smile: ).

As regards entering the data directly in the Score Editor, it is as Steve says… you need to use the symbols in the “Dynamics Mapping” tab, not the simple “Dynamics” tab :wink:.

Sure, but then I’m doing it twice having already placed it in the Key Editor - twice as much work and some will slip by without me having noticed them and I’ll end up with confused musicians. Not a good way for Cubase to handle it IMHO.

I am entering crescendo/diminuendo from the Dynampic Mapping tab but they do not show in Key Editor nor do they play. Infact nothing from the Dynamic Mapping does.

That is not normal… it certainly works here. And whatever I insert in the Score Editor is indeed reflected in the Key Editor.
Let’s be 100% sure…
You have two tabs in the Symbols pane, one named “Dynamics” (which is graphic only), and another, named “Dynamics Mapping” (which is an active duplicate of the Dynamics Mapping in the Key Editor), and you are indeed using this 2nd one?