Crescendo-fff on every note?

I’m engraving a historical score. Any thoughts on how to input these dynamics into Dorico? Time signature is 3/2 in this section:

I’d just be setting the rhythmic grid really small.

Is that what you meant? Horizontal position?

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Thanks so much for that. I set my grid to a 64th note, then clicked the fff’s and moved them back by 3 64th notes, which SORT OF gets the right result.

But now I don’t like that they aren’t vertically aligned. Any suggestions to fix this? (This happens across several instruments, so I’m wondering/hoping if there’s an automatic feature to align them, rather than having to go into engrave mode and manually move them a pixel at a time with the mouse.)

Screenshot 2023-02-20 at 10.45.23 AM

Group dynamics

To give you a bit more information:

Thanks very much for this. Grouping dynamics worked perfectly to solve this problem.